interest groups


Lunch Group

Members meet the first Friday of each month from 12:30-3pm, in each others homes. Good food combined with friendship, gives you a chance to get to know other members better. We would be happy to welcome new members. Give me a call for more information.

Out-to-lunch Bunch

If you enjoy a diversity of tastes this is the group for you. The advantage of this group is that there is no obligation to sign up for each months outing. The choice is yours. Lunches are held on the LAST Tuesday of each month at 1:00pm. If you are unable to sign up at general meetings, you can always contact Grace Lord.

Evening Book Discussion

Our group meets on the 4th Monday of the month at 7:30pm. Books to discuss are chosen and lead by members and the meetings are held at member's homes. Come out and join us for a lively discussion.

Afternoon Book Discussion

The afternoon Book Group will meet this year on the second Monday afternoon of each month from 1-3pm. We would welcome new members.

Revolving Books

Here's your opportunity to read a paperback each month, pass it along, and keep one at the end. A nominal fee is charged to cover the cost of the books.

Walking Group

Join us for a hike of about 2 hours discovering different trails in the Toronto vicinity. We usually meet at 2pm on the 4th Sunday of the month. Please call Marilyn if you would like to come along.

Afternoon Bridge

The Afternoon Bridge Group meets in each others homes, the second Thursday of each month at 12:30pm. Members bring a "Bag Lunch" and the Hostess provides tea and coffee. Twelve hands of bridge are played and generally finish at 3:30. Substitutes are frequently needed.

Theatre Group
Catherine MacOdrum

Members attend an interesting fare of performances, about 6 times during the Club year. Once you commit to attending you are responsible for the price of your ticket.

Mixed Bridge

We meet the first Friday or Saturday evening of the month at 7pm. We have dessert and coffee followed by 16 hands of bridge.

Making a Difference

Catherine and Gail are members of the Toronto Caucus which advocates on issues important to the six Toronto area clubs. They meet with other club representatives once a month to discuss strategy for pushing forward CFUW policy. At the moment all their efforts are concentrated on the need for establishing a national framework for Early Learning and Childcare. While there is little room for additional members to the Caucus, substitutes for either Gail or Catherine are welcome. It's a great way to see CFUW in a new light.

No Frills Bridge
This is just bridge so we will try to meet weekly from 1 - 3 PM Mondays or Tuesdays to improve our game. We will be using bidding boxes and using the duplicate style for playing the hands. We will hope to get in a minimum of twelve hands if not sixteen.

Arts and Culture
This flexible group will take advantage of the various and diverse exhibitions, lectures, concerts, museums etc that occur thoughout our city. Timing will depend on the event chosen by those attending. Most will likely occur during the day and may be of little or no cost. Keep an eye on our Google calendar for the dates chosen.