CFUW Scarborough Entrance scholarship:
Click on UTSC Entrance awards and scholarships then click on the link to Admissions and Student Recruitment.

CFUW Scarborough In-course scholarships:
Four in-course scholarships are offered to second, third, or fourth year students enrolled in a Health Sciences course at UTSC. Students must have a B average or better, submit a letter of reference and have involvement in community service with preference given to work related to women's and children's issues.; then click on Awards Profile

Scarborough Womens Centre
We continue to support the seminars at the Scarborough Womens Centre with a $1000 donation from the proceeds of our annual club fundraising fashion show. For details on their programs go to:

Centennial College
Two awards of $1000.00 each are offered to students in need at Centennial College. One is awarded in the Fall and another in the Spring. They are both given as Canadian Federation of University Women Scarborough awards. For more details go to:

The CFUW National Charitable Trust supports various awards and fellowships. The Trust administers funds for:
* Graduate Awards and Fellowships more than $60,000 annually
* An annual CFUW Creative Music Award through the Banff Centre in Alberta
* Its contribution to the Read-Up-On-It program at Library and Archives Canada.